Voices on the Estate

Here at Unity in Community, we love a good project that invites people to unleash their creativity, and it’s even better when combined with a celebration of local history and heritage. Voices on the Estate gives residents in our community an exciting platform to speak about living and working in HU6 both today and in previous generations. Storytelling sessions and craft events are organised regularly, making it very easy for people from all walks of life to get involved.


If you’d like to contribute to the project, you can bring photos (which we can photocopy so that you can keep the originals) to add to the mix. This means you can turn memories into art, such as in the form of collages, embroidery, fabric printing and many other mediums. By coming together to celebrate our local community, we can break down social isolation, make new friends, learn about the past and present, and celebrate the rich culture of the North Hull, Quadrant and Orchard Park Estates.

As well as hosting regular drop-in sessions in The Community Hub at 501 Endike Lane, we’re currently busy organising a big showcase event for summer 2024. This special celebration will invite people from far and wide to view the finished exhibition, which will have a been a full year in the making. If you have any photos or memories from the HU6 area, please do get in touch or pop down and share your stories.


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