Study Programme

Aimed at young people aged 16-19, our Study Programme helps participants who are not in education to enter the world of work. Rather than a general approach, each individual is given tailored support that’s shaped around the sector they wish to enter. We find that this personalisation not only makes the sessions more valuable but also helps to engage residents on a deeper level.


Construction and customer service are particularly popular focus areas, so we ensure that our trainees receive a wide range of advice, support, resources and guidance to help them enter rewarding careers. Unity in Community also organises work placements with various local businesses, which means that our trainees receive hands-on experience and have the opportunity to explore their desired career paths in actual working environments. Many of them receive mentorship as part of their placement too, which greatly supports their skills enhancement and understanding of what’s required in specific roles. Construction trainees are with us for 6-12 weeks, during which they learn a wide range of topics related to this fast-paced and rewarding sector.

Our Study Programme also offers the opportunity to learn areas of numeracy and literacy that will benefit a new job as well as everyday life. In addition, we provide referrals to other organisations where suitable, such as introducing participants to the learning, training and employment schemes available through Connexions.


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