Multiply is an education project that’s dedicated to helping people increase their understanding and application of maths in everyday life.


Employment Support session

Anyone aged 19+ who is unemployed, living in postcodes HU1-HU9 and who doesn’t have a Level Two certificate in Maths can get involved. This ensures that those who currently lack certain numeracy skills have a welcoming environment in which to enhance their knowledge.

Multiply takes numerous forms so that the mathematics learned can be used for various types of real-life applications, such as our Cooking on a Budget sessions and Understanding Your Energy Bills workshops. The sessions are designed to be friendly, supportive, and personalised to each attendee, ensuring that everyone can learn at their own pace and build useful numeracy skills to make modern life more manageable. In order to create a fun environment, we organise a range of activities that make the subject more accessible and social, such as Maths Open Days and other opportunities for people in our local community to learn together.

By encouraging local residents to engage in some kind of numeracy provision or activity, we’re raising their confidence with numbers. As well as helping people in their careers, they will also find that their new skills can be applied to various day-to-day tasks, from shopping on a budget and gaining greater control over their household bills, to planning journeys more efficiently and making a tank of petrol go further.


I've become a smarter cook!

I attended the Cooking on a Budget sessions on Endike Lane, these sessions were so much fun and allowed me to meet others. The tutoring was excellent, I definitely have become a smarter cook at home and where possible make my ingredients go further


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