Employment Support & Job Club

Delivered through Exploring Opportunities, we offer a three-hour workshop that shares in-depth advice, support and guidance regarding employment and career progression.


Attendees gain a better understanding of how to develop and apply transferrable skills, as well as how to budget more effectively and orientate themselves to a new workplace. This enables residents to increase their understanding, familiarity and confidence in regard to the world of work, which can range from landing their first job to switching industries and pursuing an exciting new career.

Meanwhile, our Job Club takes place on Monday mornings from 9am to 12noon, Wednesday afternoons from 1pm to 4pm, and Friday mornings between 9am and 12noon. The Job Club is a friendly environment where residents can get help with many kinds of activities related to careers, such as writing a CV, searching for the right job, applying for a role, interview techniques, and much more.

Unity in Community also provides a relaxed and supportive space where visitors can carry out an online job search in our IT suite. You have the option to do this on your own if you’d prefer privacy, but you can also rest assured that our team members are always available to offer advice and support if you’re unsure of anything. This combination of skills enhancement, career guidance and easily accessible resources ensures that residents can use our Employment Support and Job Club in a way that suits their needs, preferences and goals.


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