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Get Started

Get Started
August 29, 2018 developer

The get started project originally ran from 2014/15 funded through Efficiency North’s for good fund. It was essentially a pilot scheme that we are hoping to refine and improve. Previously we focused very much on getting groups off the ground in the area and that is something we very much hope to continue. However the renewed focus of Get Started is to help these groups get to a point where they are self sufficient and can do things by themselves for themselves. This will allow them to govern themselves more efficiently and have a greater influence in the local area.

Outside of the community groups we are also looking to assist small community enterprises or cottage businesses get off the ground. Although most of this will be done by sign posting and offering basic help.

The people working on the project are not experts and don’t claim to be. But if we can’t help you we will do our best to find someone who can offer you the support you need.

The project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund Awards for all for 2016/17

How we can help?

One of the primary ways we are seeking to help is to create and manage a equipment bank for local groups and projects. This will include some IT equipment, PA equipment, arts and crafts material, exercise equipment, tools, paint brushes and some PPE. This is a non-exhaustive list that we will hopefully develop throughout the year depending on the demand and the type of demand. The equipment bank will take the pressure of new groups having to spend an outlay on capital items. Instead they can borrow them from us. Certain IT items may require a deposit and/or a tutorial.

In the new way of getting people excited about projects much of the focus has moved to social media. Every Tuesday we will offer support to groups looking to develop their Group’s online profile. By focusing on the internet we will allow local groups to interact with potential beneficiaries and partner quickly and efficiently. This doesn’t mean we don’t understand certain people will need physical promotion and for that we have a printing budget to help you get started. We’ll also assist you design you’re flyers, contact cards, posters or whatever you need on a Tuesday. This is a drop in event though so if you need a lot of assistance please talk to a member of staff before turning up and we’ll do our best to find someone and one time to give the support required.

Another important aspect of any community group is funding. Some will be funded wholly or partly by members. Others will need funding. We will help you through using the Hull 4 Funding site and offer advice on filling in applications. We won’ do the whole thing for you as the people who knows your project best is the person who creates it. But understanding the basics will help your project grow and allow you to build up your skills in the future.

The majority of the project activities will happen every Tuesday from October 4th 2016 and run through until the end of summer 2017. Let us know what help you need before you attend so we can prepare the materials required and make sure either a member of staff or a volunteer is available to support you.