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First Aid at Work and Health and Safety Training for Oxfam Volunteer

First Aid at Work and Health and Safety Training for Oxfam Volunteer
July 6, 2021 rob

Graham Lyon, aged 64 has been volunteering at Oxfam in Cottingham for 20 years!

He loves this job and looks forward to going in each week to work with, what he describes as ‘his extended family’.

All volunteers are required to keep their First Aid at Work training up-to-date and as a charity, Oxfam asks volunteers to make their own arrangements.

Graham explains:

“I needed to renew my certificates for First Aid at Work and Health and Safety, so I just popped in to Unity on Endike Lane to enquire. I had done some training at Unity previously, three years ago I worked in a bakery and completed Food Hygiene training at Unity in Community. Before that I had also attended Unity for job searches and at this time, they provided some digital skills training to help me learn how to use computers, write a CV and use the internet.

“This time, when I popped back in to ask about First Aid at Work and Health and Safety, they signed me up there and then and I arranged to go back in the following week to complete the training.

“The support team is fantastic, they’re always on-hand to answer any questions.

“All of this training is completely free and there is no waiting list, so if you need to undertake training for a job, or you want to improve your employment potential, I can highly recommend getting in touch with Unity to discover the new you.”

If you would like to know more about the specific training courses we offer, or you would like to sign up to our Flying Start programme which includes 6 months of FREE support to improve your career prospects, learn new things or undertake training, we would love to hear from you.

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